Game Watching Abroad

Just moved to London? Visiting for a few days? Don’t want to miss the game? Here’s the scoop.

If we are doing an official game watch, details will be here on the website.

If we are not doing an official game watch, you will need to check if the game is airing. Unfortunately, many games are not shown out here. You can check tv listings here: – games will typically air on BT ESPN, if they are being shown.

If the game is airing, the Hippodrome Casino at Leicester Square is likely to be your best option for seeing it – they have a sports bar on the 1st floor which airs American sports and is open all night. Alternatives include the Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill, the Farringdon Sports Bar & Grill or Bel

If the game is not airing, or it is too late at night for you to want to go out, then ESPN player will be the way to go. You can get a 7 day free trial if you are just visiting for a few days.